Meet Mark...

As a teacher, a healthcare advocate and with over 15 years of experience working in the non-profit field, he has a unique perspective and commitment to helping serve the community.  He started his professional career working with immigrant Cambodian youths in Los Angeles creating tutoring programs to address their unique needs to help them succeed and flourish in school.  He helped create partnerships between schools and healthcare providers to establish school-based health centers in Orange County.  As the former Program Manager for Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County, he led the outreach team that served and screened over 30,000 children annually in the community.   Currently he serves as an Outreach Manager, for Blue Shield of California advocating and serving the community building relationships with non-profits, school districts, small businesses and government agencies to advance healthcare access for all Californians.


Proven track record of building partnerships with non-profits, school districts and businesses, resulting in the creation of innovative programs supporting our communities.


As a teacher, a healthcare advocate and a former planning commissioner, Mark has focused on improving our community and is dedicated to serving our youth, families and seniors.

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